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Project Description
SIRP is an experimental, open source C# firmware for streaming internet radio.



The SIRP project has concluded and is no longer being actively developed or maintained.
Visit the SDD# Project Page instead!


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NISTON Stream One


SIRP (Streaming Internet Radio Project) is an experimental firmware written in C# for the NISTON Stream One, a custom built Internet radio tuner that is based on a Raspberry Pi single board computer. The software however works on both Windows (.NET) and Linux (mono). Currently, the user interface only supports the MXO GLK 19264A serial/usb LCD but it is possible to add support for other serial displays, the console or even a GUI.

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- MP3, OGG, AAC/AAC+ and OPUS stream decoding (more formats can be added through plug-ins)
- 32bit (floating point) audio processing if supported by hardware
- "TV-Style" 99 preset station memory
- Gap-less switching between presets
- Automatic skipping of unavailable stations on Zap
- Automatic reconnect on stream failure
- Network buffer level indicator (somewhat analogous to the field strength indicator in AM/FM radios)
- Audio signal level indicators
- Extensible menu/screens system for serial/usb LCD display


Here's a bad quality video:


- BASS Audio Library (


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